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Art Wynwood (Miami, USA) – Bel-Air Fine Art – Art Fair

East Art Fair (London, UK) – Art Fair

Context Art Fair (Miami, USA) – Bel Air Fine Art – Art Fair

Art Elysee (Paris, France) – Bel-Air Fine Art – Art Fair

Urban Art Fair (Paris, France) – C.R.E.A.M. Gallery – Art Fair

“Cultural Center In Mongolia” (Les Abattoirs – Toulouse, France) – Learn & Skate – Group Show

Artup! (Lille, France) – C.R.E.A.M. Gallery – Art Fair

“Spray It All” (Folkestone, UK) – Lilford Gallery – Solo Show

Aqua Art Fair (Miami, USA) – Art in the Game Gallery – Art Fair

Scope Art Fair (Miami, USA) – Under The Radar Gallery – Art Fair

“A Lucky Cat Art Exhibition” (Paris, France) – Sid Lee Gallery – Group Show

“Real Fakes” Krause Gallery (New York, USA) – Duo Show

Moniker Art Fair (London, UK) – Under The Radar Gallery – Art Fair

“Les Monsieur Madame” Musée en Herbe (Paris, France) – Group Show


“Ride For Mongolia” (Crushwalls – Denver, USA) – Learn & Skate – Group Show

“Learn & Skate” – Ride For Mongolia (New York, USA) – Group Show

Urban Art Fair (Paris, France) – Art In The Game Gallery – Art Fair