Thirsty Bstrd | About Us
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Thirsty Bstrd is multidisciplinary and self-taught artist living and working in Paris, France. Drawing inspiration from contemporary art and pop-culture, his work explores a critical view of social and cultural issues.


Through the use of urban art tools, he aims to create funny and thought-provoking works of art by giving powerful symbols and popular images a humorous twist.


His creativity has allowed his work to get featured in art galleries around the globe, from New York to Singapore, and to take part in prestigious private art collections.

« Mostly composed of eye-catching images and provocative statements Thirsty Bstrd’s magnetic art pieces often act as clever satirical commentaries about social and political issues and consumerist culture. By merging ingenious statements with paradoxical images, Thirsty Bstrd creates artworks that are truly fascinating and thought-provoking. »