Thirsty Bstrd | AMREF Charity Art Auction (Record)
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AMREF Charity Art Auction (Record)

Yesterday, I donated this piece that raised €16,000 for AMREF France contributing the largest African-led organization that strengthens health systems and trains African health workers. This result exceeded all my expectations! I am so thrilled to have been able to help and amazed to think about what Art can do. Many thanks to the bidders!

With nearly 10 million people helped each year, Amref Health Africa is the leading public health NGO in Africa. The organization runs 159 programs in 35 African countries, even in the most remote areas and with priority given to women and children.

To foster lasting changes in public health, Amref continues to work hand in hand with governments and communities and focuses its programs on training local health personnel.

Based in Kenya, the Amref now has around 20 offices in Africa, Europe and North America. In France, the role of Amref is to provide technical support to teams in the field and to conduct advocacy and fundraising campaigns. The Amref Francophone Pole primarily supports 10 programs in several countries in East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa.

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