Thirsty Bstrd | “Real Fakes” Krause Gallery (New York, USA) – Duo Show
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“Real Fakes” Krause Gallery (New York, USA) – Duo Show

LOCATION: New York, United States

DATE: October 13, 2018 – November 12, 2018

Since opening in 2004, Krause Gallery represents emerging to established contemporary artists of local, national and international acclaim, the Krause Gallery offers innovative, original works of art in a variety of media and styles.

Krause Gallery is excited to announce the first solo show by two internationally known artists, CB Hoyo who resides in Parts unknown of Europe and Thirsty Bstrd who resides in Paris, France. Both artists have mastered the “Real Fake”, but once you buy one you will feel like a “real” collector.

Mostly composed of eye-catching images and provocative statements Thirsty Bstrd’s magnetic art pieces often act as clever satirical commentaries about social and political issues and consumerist culture. By merging ingenious statements with paradoxical images, Thirsty Bstrd creates artworks that are truly fascinating and thought-provoking.