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Quaker Street will be hosting our second private view event, where French visual artist Thirsty Bstrd will be exhibiting his work.

Thirsty Bstrd uses a variety of techniques such as sprays, stencils, stickers and videos to convey the message of his artwork. Much of it is based on making satirical comments about society, politics and consumerism. Using popular images and powerful symbols along with provocative statements and paradoxical pictures, the French artist can provoke and generate emotions from audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Art is renowned for making people feel emotions and question society, and Thirsty Bstrd’s work does just this. Making you laugh with unique visual art that also holds a deeper philosophical meaning that will leave you questioning aspects of society. His artwork – from stencils to stickers can be seen by a worldwide audience in streets.

The Juicy exhibition itself will feature a selection of new artworks by Thirsty Bstrd, made of small formats containing some of his most iconic characters.



Thirsty Bstrd

Date & Time

août 10, 2017